The Lamborghini Veneno is alien in shape and power. It comes with a magnitude that punches its way out of regular scales. Sadly, the same is happening with the price: each of the three pieces sold went out for no less than $3.6 million. Even more, one of them was resold for a whooping $11 million a few months back.

Since I personally can’t afford more from a Veneno than a set of wheel tightening screws, iXOOST Lamborghini speakers will do just fine. Sound engineers and researches from iXOOST developed the modern boombox: a Lamborghini rear-end shaped speaker system. It has fenders, exhaust pipes and a lot of sound.

The sound system is boasting 6.5 inch full-range speakers and an 8 inch subwoofer. Materials used are more than premium: autoclave polymerized¬†carbon Twill 245 3k monocoque. Sounds like Star-Trek kind of stuff, but it’s actually highest grade carbon fiber, which makes it just as awesome. iXOOST ESAVOX¬†brings power to the speakers: two valve preamps, a 200W amplifier for speakers and a 600W amp for the subwoofer. Expect it to go BOOM!

Connect your phone via bluetooth 4.0 or by using traditional AUX ports. While it’s not as expensive as a Lamborghini, you still do need to dig deep in your pockets. Sale price rests at $24,000.

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