The Deadly Combinations

There’s a reason beyond the name to why I appreciate Sony cameras so much. Because they always try to bring something new, something not everyone in the business can afford doing. This time, they chose the zooming feature as the next focal point of progress. The Sony RX10 III Camera doesn’t just take zooming one step further.

The RX10 III takes zooming to extreme levels. Why? Because future is not just a concept about passing of time and history anymore. More and more, it’s about how big a leap you can take ahead. How far behind can you leave your competition. Perseverance, tenacity and hard work make the deadly combination for any success, and Sony has plenty of each of these ingredients.

Talking about features and specifications, a large-aperture 24-600mm F2.4-4 optical 25x zoom lens and 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor make the deadly combination allowing you to give your captures not only improved angles or coloring, but also more depth and stability. The super-extended zoom, the super-fast speed and the complete silence surrounding it create an better and futuristic shooting experience.

Sony RX10 III – The Perfect Bridge

The image quality is astonishing. But the wider range gives the edge for this amazing gadget. Any close-up action finds itself extremely well covered and any wide-open landscape will be captured with a detail level taken out from a sci-fi book of the 70s. The image processing is of the highest quality, with improved corner-to-corner sharpness and a 3 cm distance for the wide end or 72 cm telephoto end distance when referring to macro shooting.

Image capturing is more stable than ever thanks to Optical SteadyShot TM.  Filming is 4K with XAVC S format available. Also, on the features panel, we’ll note down the Picture Profile, S-Gamut/S-Log2, clean HDMI output, REC Control, Dual Rec, Gamma Disply Assist, Marker and enhanced Zebra functions, all intended to help you give your footage a more clean, professional look. The camera is intuitive in all the aspects, with an operability unmatched. This is just a very short presentation, there is so much more about the RX10 III camera, so make sure you go on their website and check up on it. We just want to confirm that, when deciding to buy it, you’re making a good decision. Pre-orders are open, the item will be released 5th of May, 2016.


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