Raw Originality, A Way To Express Yourself

The case of your phone is a very important aspect. Because in most of the situations, the case is the first thing someone sees when looking at your phone. You can always leave trails about who you are, about your personality, when choosing the case of the smartphone. Some like it matte, others like it with pictures, texts or patterns. Casetify and Pharell’s Billionaire Boys Club hit us with their newest collaboration, inspired by the versatility of living in the modern urban jungle. It’s a series of cases for Apple iPhone and Apple Watch.

Their first collaboration sold out in only three minutes, and we should expect this one to be a banger too. This collection is exclusive. The artist’s gentle touch and sensitivity is a composite material of the mixture with the raw originality always there for the Casetify models. Check them out in the pictures and feast your eyes.

Stingy Collab Of Billionaires Boys Club x Casetify

The backplates are designed to be interchangeable, so you can choose which one features you best at the moment. Durable polycarbonate is used to craft them, with dual-layer protection ensured. I can sense multiple ways for them to gravitate around your personality.

The Apple Watch bands are sweat-resistant, made with stainless steel hardware and matte black motifs. Flexible and ready for action, they seem prepared to take on the streets of your neighbourhood. Move quick if you want to get your hands on one of ‘em.