The very concept of home is undergoing a radical evolution. Welcome to Tiny Homes

Home 2.0

The new, millennial concept features a single room that can take shape just about anywhere. Right from your own backyard to the neighbouring woods. It is a beautiful design too. A wooden frame covers the structure; everything else is glass. The all glass design gives you the feeling that you are right in the midst of nature.    

The Bunkie Co. – a team of designers, craftsmen, furniture makers- has come up with their very own line of Tiny Homes. The Monarch. 

Taking inspiration from the beloved home widget on our smartphones, the Monarch is designed for multi-functionality. You can use it as a spare guest room, a work space, or even a quiet place for meditation. The children can use it as an outdoor playhouse too. 

The Monarch

The Monarch measures  at 12′-6″W x 8′-6”D x 11′-6″H. Roughly translated into a tiny cabin. There is a fully glazed, floor-to-ceiling front-façade. The structure is reinforced with standing seam steel metal cladding. 

Users can install standard dual airflow vents on-site. When the weather gets chilly, the R22 insulated walls and floors will provide warmth and comfort. 

The Monarch is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it is work, play, or chill. 


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