Evapolar Is The Microcosm You’ve Been Looking For

It’s time to get your own microclimate. Polar summer, if you like it better this way. With an air conditioner system, the temperature lowers for everyone, which is such a hurdle, face it, both at home or at work there’s always someone who doesn’t like it the way you do. Evapolar wants to change overhaul all this.

Then, there’s the electricity bill, the inconvenience of having it installed. And, of course, the price. You have to pay so much for something you only use for a couple of months a year.

Solutions, you ask? Well, since we’re so good at underkinong all the weak points of the AC, it’s only polite to also point out a way to solve everything. Designed for personal use, Evapolar is compact and eco-friendly. As said, it’s a microcosm created for you to enjoy the chilling embrace of this summer. Nevertheless, it’s cost-efficient and makes a lot of sense throuhout the entire year.

Cool the air within 3 to 4 square meters around you. It’s as tempting as an ice-cream only more healthy and smarter in the long run. Without using freon, the under siege ozone layer of our planet will be grateful. Make it all customized for your own desire and soon everyone will follow your lead. Check them out on Indiegogo.