The Newest Additional to Your Toolshed

Lumberjacks, Carpenters, Rock Climbers, Off-The-Grid Survivalists. Across the ‘scape of time, there have been many pursuits that has required man to use more then his reptilian brain. One of the things that have made mankind the dominate species on the planet is our ability to develop tools.

So it of course makes sense that the more uses we build into a single tool, the better correct? Well as a side effect, of course, the multi-tool has become a staple of our society. Humans use them in almost every physically intensive situation they have. In fact in most survival situations, a multi-tool can often be the difference between life and death!

So don’t just buy five different tools to accomplish your next task. Take the proactive route, and invest in the Timahawk Apocalipse Survival Axe. This handy multi-tool combines the power of five different tools. You’ve got your Hatchet, a Hoe, a Pry Bar, A Breaching Tool, and a Hammer!

Alongside it’s use, Timahawk has made sure to develop a product that is going to last as long as possible. The tool is made from 4130 Pre-hardened steel, to maintain it’s usefulness for a time. Surprising, this trusty little tool is also very light-weight. The extra five pounds it adds to your pack is nothing in comparison to how much each of those tool by themselves would weigh.

The very best part, is of course the price. Timahawk had developed this handy tool, and put its current price at an easy $239!