A Complete Overhaul For The Wake Up Process

Having to wake up every morning with the same alarm song is not only disastrous for your morning mood, resulting in people saying they are not “morning persons” but monotonous and soon fruitless. We all know the drill. Set the alarm, go to sleep, snooze, snooze, wake up to turn the alarm off, five (yeah, right, only five) more minutes, definite wake up. Could we change that and improve our morning performance, getting the most of each day? Well, now we can.

The Shock Clock WakeUp Trainer will form a reflex inside your mind, so you won’t need the phone alarm anymore. It’s a very cool Kickstarter (European version of it) project. The catch lies within a bracelet device, which you can set up before you go to sleep. In the morning, it will take care of everything. How? Well, at first, it will vibrate. After that, it will start beeping. In the end, things will get rough, as a zap will be transmitted.

The Shock Clock Will Improve Your Health

What the final result will look like? In physiological terms, it’s called a conditioned reflex, or conditioned response or classical conditioning. If you heard about that guy named Pavlov and his hard working dogs, then it’s something similar to it. Meaning you will very soon learn when the three-step phase is approaching and wake up before it. Awesome right? Believe us, it’s real and can become a gadget so useful. After some time, you won’t even need the bracelet anymore.

You will feel better, fall asleep more easily. Your health state will certainly improve. But things are still not complete. They want to add three more vital features. A snooze lock, using motion tracking to know if you’re out of bed for real. An accountability check method, where your friends will know if you don’t wake up – they will be the ones to zap you. And finally, a sleep cycle analysis, providing you feedback about the latest sleep session.


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