Taking your business to the next level is no simple task. Airtame is one of the gadgets that promise to streamline presentation process.

Built on the idea of cross-platform connectivity, Airtame packs quite a digital punch. You can share your smartphone or laptop screen directly to any HDMI ready projector or screen.

Avoiding the need for a cable results in efficiency and professionalism. Why? Mainly because you won’t fumble around with an HDMI cable and maybe a bunch of adaptors, while guests are getting impatient.

You can share your screen via Airtame dedicated app or by using Apple’s AirPlay if you own an iOS device. At least for now, you can’t mirror Android screens without theĀ Airtame App.

Airtame works with multiple screens. This feature is particularly useful in rooms with a large auditorium. A PIN-based pairing system ensures targeted connectivity. Also, the system makes sure no one will interrupt the stream.

Here’s a tip: avoid blank screens while you set up. To keep the auditorium entertained, Airtame offers the possibility of a wallboard (splash screen). The screen is fully customizable and can be set to display a logo, dashboard or website.

Since the wallboard feature works standalone with Airtame, content is displayed even when the computer or smartphone is off.

Airtame can be configured from the Cloud. The feature is aimed towards companies running multiple devices at once, ensuring a good overview of all Airtame gadgets from a single place.

DVI, VGA and Ethernet adapters are available per request in order to connect Airtame to various media systems. Wireless transmission is secured with Enterprise WPA2 grade encryption.

Check out more details and pricing on Airtame.com