If you are living in a big city like the most of us, working a nine to five job during the week you must be missing nature amongst all those tall buildings and concrete sidewalks. The best way to reconcile your love of living in the city with your likely need for a natural environment is to spend a balanced amount of time in both places. And let us be honest living in the city can be very stressful sometimes and is an overwhelming place.


So, in case you are living in New York city you’re in luck because located about a hundred miles north is a wonderful retreat. The Hudson Woods development, as it is called, offers people from the Big Apple a chance to own a beautiful weekend home close enough to the city so they can relax during the weekends without having to travel a long way away to do it.


The site has 130 acres and will eventually have 26 houses. The houses themselves are made out of timber and glass and the appearance is cabin like. If you decide to buy one you can choose from two options: the natural cedar exterior or the blackened cedar. The furniture for the houses has been chosen from local markets so you can rejoice in the fact that you will be supporting the local economy.


In my opinion the best thing about this retreat is the size of the lots (up to 12 acres) and the fact that the houses are located in the woods, because what could be more relaxing then waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing and the shade of hundred year old trees. And you can even treat your kids and buy an optional tree house for $40.000.