Every phone needs a great screen and an amazing camera. Hardware enthusiasts will make concessions here and there, but won’t agree to downsize on these two components. Sony decided it is time to step up. We are now witnessing a smartphone that is able to:

  • Start filming as soon as you press record
  • Record slow motion video at a staggering 960 fps
  • Record movement the human eye can’t catch (what?!)
  • Uses a 4K HDR display
  • High quality audio
  • Waterproof and dust-proof

So, what’s the deal with recording motions the human eye can’t catch? The way Sony puts it is a bit misleading, for marketing sake. Here’s the deal. Some stuff happens so fast you can’t quite catch it. It’s just like having a car blast past you at 250 mph. There’s little chance you’ll get the license plate.

On the other hand, Sony implements its CyberShot technology along with a new mobile sensor and enhanced lens. The Xperia XZ is thus able to catch fast moving objects at a high rate of detail. Once recorded, you can playback the video 4 times slower than any other smartphone.

Furthermore, you are probably calling a bull on the instant recording feature. Here’s how it works. Normally, it takes a few milliseconds from the moment you press the record button to the moment where the phone camera actually starts recording. The Xperia XZ camera actually starts buffering video before you press Record, so you won’t miss anything.

Sony is packing Xperia XZ with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, boasting 20% more performance than its previous version. Furthermore, this phone has another hidden gem. Using the X16 modem, the smartphone can reach up to 1 GBps in download and 150 Mbps in upload speeds. And here I am, typing from behind a 50MBps connection *sigh*. 

Sony promises brilliant sound from XZ’s audio chip. Uncompressed files should sound great when listening to a quality set of headphones, although internal speakers should be decent as well. The brand takes its boasting one step further promising to magically enhance compressed audio files via DSEE HX™ technology. I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Overall, Sony’s premium XZ smartphone promises a lot and it’s ready to take on high end competitors from Apple, Samsung and Asus. The phone is rumored to go on sale May 7th

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