What’s cooler than owning and piloting a drone? How about developing a drone from the ground up yourself? The future is here everyone! Someone is currently developing a programmable drone kit. Makeblock has taken on the challenge of making programming easy. As a result, they’ve given people the means to try it themselves. The team develops a product that allows you to work your inner engineer.

As a result of people┬ábecoming interested in the creation prospect, getting an early lesson can be useful. They’ve even built the design to be durable. With many different options of builds available, it’s almost foolproof. The drones are built from a foam material, so they can literally be run into walls without damaging the piece or the wall. In all actuality, you could simply think of this as your first introduction to the world of coding.

It easily lives up to one of the taglines on the Kickstarter page. Create beyond your imagination!

airblock-1 airblock-2 airblock-3