How many times has it happened that you put your keys somewhere and then when you need them they are nowhere to be found and you spend hours looking for them? Or have you ever parked your bicycle somewhere in the city and then forgot where you left it? We lose our things all the time, and now, thanks to TrackerNow that will no longer be a problem.

TrackerNow is also a great way to make sure that if something of your’s gets stolen you know exactly where it is. It is a really small GPS tracking device that combines multiple technologies to make sure you can always know where your things are. It ensures worldwide tracking, so no matter where you are on the planet you will be able to locate your loved ones and your things.

The app is really easy to use and if you can read a normal map you can use this app for sure. Another great thing about the TrackerNow is Geo-Fenced alerts. A user of the app can set the parameters they desire by walking or driving around with the app. Then, if their pet or child leaves the parameters the user of the app will be notified.

The tracker also has an embedded speaker, which makes it easier to find the stuff around the house, as it will keep beeping until you are able to locate it.  The tracker can also be used for luggage tracking. Even if your belongings get lost somewhere between different airports you will know precisely where they are. Also, if you are carrying something valuable in your luggage – no need to stress about it, your app will show you where it is.

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