For all the people that like using the computer mouse and spend a lot of time with it, whether for work or for fun, it can be troublesome for your muscles and cause back pain. Using a mouse involves you in moving your body in the same way over a long period of time and using the same muscles over and over again, and that leads to pain and soreness. To avoid all of this, and still use a mouse the team that created Tmouse made some changes and adjustments.


It is a truly deformable mouse with two gripping methods – stretching your palm and using the mouse as usual or rolling your palm which is the more natural position for the hand. By switching between the two gripping methods you allow your muscles to rest and use different ones. It will perhaps take you some time to get used to the new method but once you get comfortable with it you will be more productive and efficient.


If you are a gamer the Tmouse has something for you as well, because the standard mouse-keys can be hard to click and uncomfortable for the hand after a while, like an hour of playing. So the Tmouse has  high quality responding sensors that allow you to have a better gaming experience.

The team has also designed a touch bar that fits the front of the middle finger and it is not necessary to for the user to raise the finger like with a regular mouse – so this is great for surfing the internet without all the scrolling. The mouse comes in two color: black and white, so choose the one that goes better with your computer and give your hands a break.