What might sound like a bad April’s Fools pun set out in December is actually a real product. Cooler Master, the ubiquitous cooling systems brand partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken to give out the KFConsole.

KFConsole is basically the demon-love-child of a gaming rig and a food warmer. It features a NC100 chassis and inside an Intel Core i9 – NUC 9 Extreme processor is stashed away from sight. Asus powers the graphics card, alongside 2X 1TB SSDs, enough to render most games at 240fps.

Moreover, the graphics card is enough to support 240Hz output on 4K resolutions. And, if by chance that’s not enough for you, we’ll let you know the graphics card is hot-swappable.

What’s the deal with KFC?

That’s the best part. Alongside the powerful rig, you get a Chicken Chamber that makes use of the system’s heat to keep your spicy wings warm and ready to be munched.

Obviously, you have an extra reason to really put those components to work so your food will stay warm even during cold days.

We’re yet to be given a release date and price tag. However, expect a limited edition run for a premium price.

Find out more on CoolerMaster.


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