You can’t add gold to every accessory and suddenly consider it valuable and good-looking. Aesthetically speaking, there is little that gold looks good on, and which hasn’t already been tried. However, once in a while, someone hits the jackpot and delivers a collectible piece, such as Gerber’s Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle knife.


Small but imposing

With a blade of just 2.22 inches, the Paraframe Golden Eagle is the smallest knife currently Gerber’s offer. However, this is no reason not to stand out in the crowd. The stainless steel blade is rich in carbon and it is mounted on a strong base. The handle is made from cobalt treated steel over which 24k gold has been applied.


Golden skeleton frame

Even if it was built without the gold plating, the Mini Paraframe knife would still look gorgeous. The skeleton frame features a frame lock and also allows for a single-handed opening motion of the knife. Overall, the Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle knife looks and feels light and the minimalist design pushes the score even higher.


But, is this something to carry around in the woods, hoping it will allow you to chop wood branches so you can lit a camp fire? According to its specs, the knife is entirely capable of dealing with such scenarios, although the gold plating won’t. At least in our opinion, treating it like a collectible and showing it off to your friends is the better alternative.


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