This is history in the making. One of the oldest brands in mountain climbing equipment, Patagonia is enlarging its horizons. Having 45 years of experience in crafting equipment, Patagonia just unveiled their line of extreme sleeping bags, designed to comfort you during sleep on the ledges.

At the moment, Patagonia is offering three models, depending on the level of heat insulation you require. These are down sleeping bags, meaning you can use them directly on the ground. The entry model offers heat insulation down to -1 degree celsius (30 F), the upper version keeps you cozy down to -7 degrees celsius. There is a third version included, which can shield you from even lower temperatures when paired with a Grade VII Down Parka.

All sleeping bags are available in 3 different sizes: short, regular and long. To ensure protection and below freezing temperatures, Patagonia uses  Pertex Quantum technology paired with a patented middle zip design.

All sleeping bags are available in at least two colorways. It’s wort noting that Patagonia was the first brand to ditch the boring, grayscale alpine wearables and switch to eye-catching color combinations.

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