At HisPotion we see a lot of cool gadgets all the time. Knives, clothing, lasers and a lot of other useless stuff found on Kickstarter. Once in a blue moon, we see a product that stands above the rest. A jellyfish aquarium. My initial reaction to the product was „wtf, how would that work”. But I let continued to read and after a few moments the sheer awesomeness started to sink in. The X-factor is strong in this product.
It’s the JellyTank, a special jellyfish aquarium made for growing mini-sized jellyfish. Yes, I wrote jellyfish. The probably dangerous soft-bodied free-swimming aquatic animals usually found deep in the ocean.JellyFish

The Story

Before talking about the feasibility of this project – let’s hear from the founders. Meet Brock and Blake Gratton, two Florida brothers, who had their own dream. After seeing a jellyfish aquarium at a local restaurant, their dream started seeding. They ordered an aquarium for the office and filled it up with the majestic animal. The boys found out that their plan was having some problems. The jellyfish were literally getting shred to pieces by the aquarium filters. So that didn’t work.
They then decided to launch JellyTalk, a custom built jellyfish aquarium. Letting the animals thrive and keeping maintenance low for the owner. Coolness level: 56. This project is currently on KickStarter and is doing great so far.

The Product

So what do you actually get? Their regular package costs $250, which gets you the tank + 4 small jellyfish. It comes with all the necessary accessories such as salts, hydrometer and the food.
JellyTank Aquarium
The tank has a nice size to it – big enough to show-off your fish to the world, but not too big to be overwhelming. It has all the aquarium basics: lights, filters, pump, the works. The style is clean and simple, giving it a very ocean-like vibe. Not a bad way to spruce up your office or home.
JellyFish tankJellyFish tank

Jellyfish Maintenance + FAQ

They’re allegedly easy to take care of. Your tasks: replace water and give food. 20% of the water needs to be replaced weekly. Feeding is pretty cool: you only need to feed them once a day. Feed them twice if you’d like to increase their size. That’s right, you can fatten these babies up to desired size.
Some partly-stupid questions we had for the founders:
Question: Can we add fish to the tank
Answer: You cannot add any other fish to the tank – it’s designed so that there are no objects in the tank that could hurt the jellyfish
Question: How long do the jellyfish live?
Answer: Up to one year. After that you’ll need to purchase replacements.

Summary: awesome

Not sure about you, but I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. It is a KickStarter, so it’s only available for pre-sale at the moment. We’ll try to use our „HisPotion” card to get one earlier, but even if not, we’ll be glad to wait for this one. Pre-order on KickStarter for $250.
Jellyfish-on dudes.