Do you ever feel like you’re not gifted with enough knowledge to get some things well done? Setting up your speakers right can be one of these things. I can assure you that it’s pretty difficult to achieve that sound quality you’re looking for. The good thing is that there are some tips you can definitely consider. If you keep account of them, you will get your job done just like a professional.

You can never hit the road without the suitable equipment, right? The same thing you need to do with your speakers, so get the right gear first. Of course the speakers play the key role here, but never forget about the backstage team. The cables you’re choosing have a huge impact on the quality of your listening experience. The most important feature about them is resistance. Basically the length of the wire and its cross sectional area define the resistance here, so never be cheap with them and remember that the shorter and thicker the wire, the less resistance it creates.

Another thing you should know though is that you can buy cables in a variety of different materials, but copper and silver are among the most widely used.

Moving to the next step, you need to select a (or more) suitable spot(s). You should keep the speakers around two to three feet away from the rear walls. Also, try to avoid placing them in corners and don’t let them be obscured by other objects.

Now that you’ve chosen the right wires and the right spot, you should know that no matter where you want to position the speakers you’ll get the best sound of them when they are roughly level with your ears. Also, if you want to put your speakers on a shelf or desk, it’s wise to position them on top of a layer of foam or other cushioning material. This will help to limit unwanted vibrations.

These things being said, I hope these tips will help you get the best sound experience with your speakers and I hope that you’ll enjoy them for a long time to come.

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