Are you always looking for your keys? Do you spend half of the morning looking for them all over the house? If you are like most of us then you are. And anyway, in this day and age people want a clutter free environment to live in, especially if your living space is small and you want to keep things organized. When you think of it, car keys and technical gadgets are so small that it is easy to lose track of them.


This new Plank Magnetic Shelf is simply made for small modern living places in mind. You can install it by your front door, and I think that is the best place for it, since that way you can just grab your keys when you are going out or hang them once you get in the house.

The great thing about this cute, little shelf is that it has a magnetic underside, so all your keys can hang from the bottom part without any hooks or strings. It is simple and elegant.


The top part of the shelf is not magnetized so you can safely leave your phone on it and it will not be affected in any way. The size of the shelf is large enough for an iPhone 6 Plus. Or you can use it for other things, like your sunglasses or your reading glasses or maybe your wallet.


And when it comes to the actual wood of the shelf every piece will look slightly different since wood is a natural material and the color or/and the grain varies from piece to piece. In case there are more people in your household you can buy more Plank Magnetic shelves and each person can have it’s own. The style of the shelf is quite contemporary and a bit bland so it will fit in nicely with most interior styles.



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