Remote raiding appeared to have the best chance of lasting among all the fantastic adjustments Niantic made to Pokémon GO in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Naturally, every new decision the developer makes looks to jeopardize the project’s future.

In the past, if you wanted to participate in a raid in Pokémon GO, you had to assemble with other real-world players and stand close to the virtual gym. It takes at least five or six individuals working together to defeat a five-star raid, which is the strongest—often legendary—Pokémon. This was genuinely feasible when the game was young and there weren’t many gyms.

Niantic launched the Remote Raid Pass in response to the pandemic and the sheer inability of such operations for a large portion of the planet. This made it possible for you to join a raid from afar and battle Pokémon with friends you met anywhere in the world. Alternately, you may simply click on a raid that is close by and engage it remotely.

Everyone likes remote raiding because it makes so much more sense, and Niantic has a new source of in-app cash. But the joy did not last for long since Niantic is taking actions that appear to endanger this new normal. The withdrawal of a weekly 1-coin Remote Raid Pass that was formerly granted to all gamers on a Monday was the first alarming hint. Three Remote Raid Passes went from costing 250 PokéCoins to 300 PokéCoins in the in-game store at the same moment.

Another “new” feature from Niantic is the ability for players to “extend” the day until 2 p.m. by participating in a special kind of gym raid. They are “new” in the sense that you must really be present to participate in them.


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