To say the least, this little design is a step away from your typical sense of music playing. Normally when humans think of record players, they think of big, expensive things that can’t be moved easily. However, Rokblok is built to fit in your pocket. And it’s no tiny player either, this thing rides around the record like a toy! It plays out of a tiny speaker as well, so there’s no need to carry speakers as well. Oddly enough, however, it can also easily connect to Bluetooth speakers as well. So you can pump up the ‘toons quite easily.

The RokBlok record player is built for convenience, but it isn’t quite on the market yet. Right now the company that makes it, Pink Donut, is using a kickstarter to fund the project. But considering the fact that it’s going for the low price of $59, it’s quite the steal in comparison of most record Players now.