If you’re one of the many people that want to ensure the highest level of outdoor security for their residence, then you need to take a look at probably the smartest security camera by far that has just been launched, ready to give your house the security you’ve yearned for.

Based on a deep-learning algorithm, this innovation is able to report in real-time if someone suspect prowls around your house, if a car enters the driveway or any other motion executed by humans or pets. Because of the algorithm, it will memorize who is friendly and who isn’t. It provides security 24/7, being able to offer protection day and night. At night, the owners can either watch discreetly via Presence’s infra-red night vision or switch the camera’s floodlight on. The smart floodlight can be switched manually in the app and you can also set it to light up when it detects movement, helping people find their way safely at night.

Its elegant aluminum body gives the camera a timeless design and at the same time makes it extremely durable. The videos are recorded in  HD quality, giving the owners very specific details by only pinching to zoom into the recorded videos. Also, you don’t have to worry that the camera will record useless footage, because one feature takes care that the camera will record only when something is happening.

Being designed for outdoor use, the camera also comes along with an entirely waterproof design. The owners can also view their properties in real time by using the live stream while the ultra-precise alerts will pop up a notification on their smartphone every time something is happening.

With a perfect design, the best features available and being easy to install, this camera is the perfect acquisition for the ones that want to provide their homes the highest security level.

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