Move over Ikea, there is a new furniture brand in town. Completely modular and minimalist, the Aalo will surely delight those who prefer easy-to-assemble and easy-to-take-apart furniture.

Featuring a new-age intelligence, the modular furniture is simple, sophisticated, and will certainly up the style quotient of the décor.

The entire range is made up of vertical and horizontal parts that can be used to build a variety of furniture: a coffee table can turn into a shoe rack, which can then turn into a bookshelf. The very essence of Aalo is supreme practicality that allows users to modify the furniture according to their specific needs.

The other highlight is the ease with which people can transport the modular pieces whenever they shift. In fact, the reason why Aalo came into existence is because the designer, Sejun Park, found himself shifting cities quite often.

The difficult experience of taking his furniture everywhere he went inspired the former Lexus engineer to come up with a lightweight, modular alternative.

Aalo is in its second avatar. The new version promises to offer more functionality and give more creative freedom to users. It may not be long before the brand becomes a recognised global brand, thanks to its innovative furniture. 


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