If you are an outdoors type of person, or you are simply planning your spring camping trip you need a good knife with you. It’s one of those things you will sorely regret not taking with you. And the best thing you can do is take a reliable one. You will need it for both preparing food and making good fires and lots of other stuff.


Kerambit is a company for Los Angeles, California, founded three years ago. In that small frame of time they have become the world’s largest supplier of custom kerambits. That is a testament to quality and good marketing in itself.


The knife in question – the Ontario Ranger EOD – is a heavy duty Karambit knife. The designer Justin Gingrich collaborated with the Marine Corps EOD unit to create this knife. It is a tool that is definitely going to last you a very long time. The steel blade is coated in black texture powder and has a plain edge, with the thickness of 0.25″.


The handle looks great and it is sculpted from black micarta that makes it very easy to handle. The blade also has a thumb ramp for a better grip, and a finger ring hole on the end of the handle. It comes with a black kydex sheath that does not seem as impressive as the knife itself. So the designer team could have spent some more time on this as well. It feels like the sheath was an afterthought.


The knife is a bit heavy, but let’s be honest, it was not made for kitchen use, the important thing is that it is reliable and durable and that the blade is made from quality steel so that it can hold a sharp edge over time.