Ink-Hunter (1)

Have you ever wondered how a particular tattoo would look on your skin? Or what kind of a tattoo you should get but you never had the chance to really see how it would turn out before you actually go and have it inked? Well this new app can give you all the answers in a couple of seconds. All you need to do is draw a smiley face on the part of your body you would like to see the tattoo on and start the app. Point the camera at the smiley and the tattoo of your choosing will be overlaid on the skin. Simple as that.


This amazing app was created by a young four member team from Kiev, Ukraine and they say that they try every day to make the Ink Hunter better and to help people make their tattoo idea a reality.


Considering how permanent tattoos are and how sure a person needs to be before getting one this app is the best thing that could have happened. The app has a huge gallery of sketches to choose from and you can even upload your own artwork, or something that the app doesn’t have yet. If you have other tattoos you can easily see what goes well with them and what doesn’t.


So instead of stressing yourself out over how the art you like is going to turn out on your skin you can use this app and actually look forward to getting your new tattoo. You can play around and see how a classic rose bud looks on your skin or maybe a beautiful mandala or anything else you can think of. Who knows maybe this way you will learn something new about yourself.