Unmatched Quality, Timeless Design

If you’re looking to tickle your ears with soft sound, it’s time to pay a visit to the opera house’s ticket office. But if you’re looking to set a party ablaze, it’s time to buy the Braven Brv-XXL Supersized Speaker. Unmatched quality, timeless design. Just connect it to a music portal like your smartphone or tablet and you are all set. You have a 10 meters wireless range. It doesn’t matter if the party is indoor or outdoor or has any door at all, just make sure you have the Braven Brv-XXL running and spray everyone with the smoothest tunes you got.

The fact that is a supersized speaker is not just a characteristic, but a feature in itself. Because the design gives you a complete 360º sound coverage experience, with the four audio drivers found on both sides doing all the work. The oomph provided by the subwoofer takes everything to an unprecedented level of excitement. You have the optimal sound distribution available, boosted low frequencies, power and crystal clear sound available in one. So supersized seems to be more than just a precautionary measure for you to take when deciding upon buying it or not. If you really are into old school, you came to the right place.

Take The Braven Brv-XXL Everywhere

Water resistant, shock proof and badass. There are so many occasions where a combination such as this could shine. A day at the beach, taking a trip in nature, a Saturday afternoon with the family or a pool party. This is just a few, but the 14 hours long built-in battery should put your imagination to work. Not to mention that, while functioning, you can charge an electric gadget on it.

When we say you should take it with you everywhere, we mean that, although it’s called supersize, it’s only 18lbs. Which is light, taking in consideration all the amazing stuff it can do. This is not just an HD speaker, it’s the next definition speaker. The EQ settings are customizable and the microphone jack is there. Oh, we shouldn’t forget: like any other real cool gadget these days, a place for a bottle opener has been found, so enjoy!


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