We are currently witnessing the age of technology. Long gone are the days when you could get through your day without needing a gadget of some sorts. It therefore makes perfect sense that the innovators of our times are actively seeking new opportunities to create sustainable energy sources to juice up the electronic devices that power our lives.

But what good is technology if it keeps you chained to a wall socket every time you have to use one of those devices? What happens when you are on a long adventure with your family, and the nearest wall socket is several miles away? Will your wife ever forgive you for missing that selfie moment just because your phones ran out of juice?

Enter Monster X

A 2,000W portable powerhouse that boasts a monstrous 1,300Wh capacity, four USB ports, two USB-C ports and four good ol’ wall outlets. The lifetime warranty on the battery means you are more likely to die before the power supply does!

You can recharge MONSTER X using 200W DC, 400W AC or 200W solar input via a separate solar panel addon. It takes 1.5 hours to reach 80% roughly 2 hours to fully charge. All of this comes with no maintenance or gasoline costs and no emissions.

But don’t take my word for it. The project has been fully funded almost twelve times over on Indiegogo, and is still going strong. The portable generator is on sale for US$769 at a hefty discount of 41%. The project is currently transitioning from the prototype to the production stage and prices will go up once it hits the market.

How powerful is this midget?

This reincarnation of Peter Pan can pack a huge punch. When fully charged, it can power a 10W bulb for 36 hours, a 1000W grill for an hour, a 50” TV for 12 hours, a microwave oven for 1.5 hours, fridge for 20 hours and a laptop and drone for 23 times each.

It can also power an electric saw for a straight hour, if you are into those, or a CPAP machine for 25 hours if you have sleep apnea. It can even add 7-10 km to your Tesla and make Elon Musk proud.

With its intelligent UPS system and companion mobile app, you are in full control of the charging process, without having to worry about frying the connected devices. All in all, a great bang for the buck.