When we say earphones, the first image that pops in your mind is probably a pair of buds that stick in your ears. AfterShokz has changed all of that.

Earphone Revolution

Aftershockz, the company known for manufacturing earpieces for the military has now produced what looks like a certain game changer. At first glance, the Aeropex Wireless looks like a new-age Bluetooth earpiece, but with one radical difference: the earbuds don’t enter your ears.

Instead, they sit right on your temples, kind of like a mini speaker system. How then do your listen to your favourite song  without any disturbances? This is where the new technology of AfterShokz comes into play. Get ready for this: the sound actually vibrates through your jawbones into the inner ear canal. Impressed? There’s more.

Because the sound vibrates directly to your inner ear, there is a lower risk of damage as compared to when you listen to songs at full blast on your earphones. With the ears uncovered, your hearing receives that vital bit of protection that is missing from the traditional earpieces.

The Future

In a market ruled by the Boses, the Beats, and the AirPods, the Aeropex Wireless seems like a breath of much-needed fresh air, introducing a new way of listening and enjoying your favourite tunes.

Price: $159.95

Purchase: https://www.xtremeinn.com/extreme_sports/aftershokz-aeropex/