A few days ago, Nintendo released a teaser trailer that made every gamer lose their minds! The trailer in question was for the upcoming new console. Up until that point, it has just been under the working title of Nintendo Nx, but the trailer shed some light. Nintendo had decided to thus name it as the Nintendo Switch.

The main process is a theme that many technologies and services are taking advantage of. Taking your tech on the go used to be reliant on laptops. But as a result of innovation, now theirs almost nothing that you can’t bring on the road. The main hook up of the device happens to be the paddles shown in the video. Using that, your system can be accessible using the portable screen. Consequently, the paddles can transition from one controller to multiple depending on what you need, but it seems easy enough.

With the company already being tied to so many famous games, it’s no wonder they keep pushing the bill further.

To charge the screen and the controllers, just plug it into the handy battery pack provided. Nintendo is going for both an innovative and simplistic design. It seems that if they’re looking for a solid step forward in gaming, they’ve found their niche. With the console being so new, you’ll still have to wait for a time, as the release date says march of 2017. Stay tuned for┬áthe latest news, this is one product no gamer should miss out on.