This handy little tool is quite remarkable in its concept. TO be honest, it’s surprising that something similar hasn’t popped up in mainstream culture before. Everything seems pretty normal with this cool little multi-tool, except for one solid addition. THIS THING ALSO GIVES YOU EATING UTENSILS! How awesome is that!?

It’s very true though, the muncher gives you a spork and knife to eat food with. But of course, it’s also equipt with a few other handy items. Also, it has a can opener, a bottle opener, a box cutter, a flathead screwdriver, and a fire-starter. So it’s not quite a tool that can do everything, but for the hobby camper, it works quite well. Plus the absolute price of the tool is well worth the investment. You can pick up The Muncher for a mere $35. Pick up this aerospace titanium tool at this low price quickly, because they’re going to increase in price after January 19th.