You will want it for reasons. The Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0 isn’t the first hand piece out there to provide great design. Neither the first to offer a great drawing experience. But it looks amazing and you will probably be proud of yourself for having it.

The concept of the Modern Fuel Pencil resides from designer’s Andrew Sanderson need for a writing and drawing tool worthy of a professional. There are plenty of mechanical pencils out there on the market. However, most of them seem worthy of using just due to the lack of a better alternative.

Indeed, the main strong point of this pencil is its looks. The body is machined entirely of metal. Tolerances are so low that it’s unlikely you will see any blended lines or witness any unwanted wiggling. The outer shell is seamless and gives the impression of a single piece rather than more components combined.

There are four available finishes on the Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0. You can opt for either stainless steel, brass, bronze and titanium (which will probably get the pencil to outlive you). Each material gives a different air and refinement to the pencil and it’s up to the user to choose the one that suits best to his personality.

Pencils come with a 5mm, 7mm and 9mm lead mechanisms and feature a retractable tip. If the pencil is to fall point-first onto the floor, the lead will take the shock, preserving the tip. An Allen Key is provided for maintenance or mechanism replacement purposes.  All products come with lifetime warranty and no-questions asked replacement policy. You can get one yourself on Kickstarter for $70.