MacBook Pro: it’s sleek and powerful, and weighs as much as 2 bananas. However, the slimmer and skinnier you make it, the harder it is to accessorize it. Many users have criticized Apple for removing various ports to reduce size. On the other hand, the newest MacBook Pro not only fits in an envelope, but weighs little enough for an envelope to hold it.

Unfortunately, no matter how good your wi-fi is, you still need to connect. This is where HyperDrive comes into action. This 50 GB/s Thunderbolt USB-C hub gives back the ports. Obviously, it connects to your MacBook Pro’s USB-C ports (two of them) and spreads into 7 other ports.

HyperDrive provides 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x HDMI, microSD card reader, SD reader, and a 100W Thunderbolt 3. Basically, you are getting back all the ports the old Macbook used to have. The hub is compact and comes in multiple colorways. This means you can pair it with your notebook’s tone and fit right in.

Unlike other extension hubs on the market, Hyperdrive feels good. Only quality materials are used in construction. The switch from the notebook’s case to the expansion port is truly seamless.

Get your HyperDrive on IndieGoGo for $79.