Choosing between portability and performance is a hard compromise you have to do every time you buy a new laptop. It’s especially difficult when you’re a passionate gamer. The thinner, lightweight laptops won’t be able to run the latest games. On the other hand, high-spec models are likely to be a literal burden to carry.

Razer Core X

Razer comes over with a more affordable solution for those who wish to play games and still maintain some portability. The Razer Core X is an external GPU enclosure (eGPU) that can hold a video card. Core X will transfer the GPU’s power to your laptop via USB-C or Thunderbolt ports.

$300 MSRP

Core X isn’t Razer’s first attempt at an eGPU. Previous editions of the system were priced at roughly $500. Sadly, this also was happening in a period when the price of graphic cards was almost twice the amount, summing up to more than the average Joe could afford – without even considering the laptop itself.

Fortunately, video card prices are starting to come back to normal. The Core X is priced at $300 and comes with everything needed to boost your laptop graphics performance.

Razor X Compatibility

While it looks like a solid deal, Razor X has some compatibility issues. The enclosure is compatible with Razer laptops such as Blade. While it is also compatible with Windows and Mac hardware, it is wise to check full compatibility before buying.