Frank Bouchard and Toby Maurice, two amazing guys from Canada have come up with this updated version of the Wipebook. Wipebook is a reusable whiteboard notebook, so you can use it for drawing, sketching, note taking, to do lists and all sorts of things. The best thing about it is that you will never waste paper again. It is like the best note book ever invented.


When the guys first pitched they’re idea on Kickstarter they exceeded the $4000 mark by 1000% and got $420.000. And the whole thing happened within 30 days.

Now they have modified the original Wipebook and make the Wipebook Pro and they have tweaked all the things that they didn’t find satisfying with the original model. This time around they wanted to try to make something that would fit in well in the professional world. The book has lovely leather covers and it easily lays flat on the table. The also added black internal backs for the covers so that mobile capture apps have an easier time finding page borders when scanning.


They got feedback from people that are using the previous models that they lose pens very easily so an integrated pen holder was added to the book. Comparing it to the other models of the book it is superior and the little things that have been changed make a lot of difference.


The book truly is both beautiful and functional. And it is small enough so you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is also optimized for digitization so it is the best notebook to take photos from and share online.