One of the strangest things on the planet is having unruly back hair. The Back hair (obviously a result of genetics) can be quite frustrating to shave, especially by means of normal shavers. In fact, unless you have someone do it for you (eww), you’d find it quite difficult.

Luckily, short of having your wife trim your hair for you, there are other options. The most recent solution on the market is quite ingenious. The BakBlade company struck gold when it released its original design. The Company easily passed its own projections and people loved its simplistic use. Now they’ve returned with a whole new design, and it’s even more convenient then ever.

The BakBlade 2.0 is fresh off the heels of an overly successful kickstarter campaign. The company successfully managed to raise over 300,000 dollars towards the project, and will be releasing the product soon enough. The use of the first version was easy enough, a long single blade was attached to a handle. It came off easily for replacement and cleaning. Its long life was key to maintaining the design.

The 2.0 version replaces a few key things to help revolutionize this product, if that was even possible. It now holds two smaller blades. Both blades can be easily taken off and cleaned and maintained for longevity. The handle has been re-designed for comfort-ability, and it attaches to the newly designed scrubbing sleeve. As a result, they took an amazing product and made it better. If you suffer from embarrassing back hair, your answer is here.

It’s the BakBlade 2.0.

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