The Smallest Hatchet You’ll Probably Ever See

What’s cooler then a hatchet? If you said a hatchet that you can totally fit in your pocket, then you’d be right. More than that, it’s not even a joke either. Recently Triple Aught Design, a design company based in San Francisco, released the Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet.

The name comes from the famous blacksmith and tattoo artist that shares its namesake. The hatchets are designed to be similar to many pieces of Bowen’s work. Each one is built to be completely individual of the rest. Each one is unique in it’s own way. However, what remains the same about each hatchet is the way the design is built, each one takes the force from the hit and forces it into the middle of the blade.

The benefit behind this is that it prevents the blade from becoming compromised. In layman’s terms, it drastically increases the durability of the hatchet, which was once a problem with designs like this. On top of that, the Hatchet actually comes with a sheath, giving you the capacity to hide said tool.

The really cool thing is the fact that this tool can easily stand up to its much larger counterparts. This tool, which is a must have in survival emergency kits, can easily assist in wood gathering. Instead of banking on lugging around a heavy piece of metal, consider taking on this unique, lightweight alternative. For the modest price of $260, the micro hatchet can be yours.