Fitness is the new mantra on everyone’s lips, especially working professionals who spend more and more time sitting at a desk, staring at a screen. Now it may not be possible for everyone to join a gym, but it is entirely possible to bring the workout right to you.

Here are 4 fitness accessories that make it possible:

The Practix

Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space

Whether you need a kettlebell or a dumbbell, the Practix has both bases covered. The greatest benefit here is that you can take it just about anywhere you go: To the park, or even on a business trip.


The CrossGrips allows you to turn your body weight into the ultimate fitness accessory. The grips can be placed on the floor for pushups, hung on ledges for pull-ups and be used as feet stabilizers for crunches.

They are lightweight, compact, and strong enough to hold 300lbs worth of weight.

$99 on JayFlexFitness


Imagine if a door frame can be transformed into a multipurpose workout station. That is exactly what the Straprack does. The single piece of equipment allows you to work out your entire upper body and tone your core as well.

$219 on StrapRack

The Rove Gym

Ultimate, portable full-body strength and performance training tool uses time under tension technology to build lean muscle & burn fat. Find us on Indiegogo InDemand!

A full body workout in 10 minutes flat! That is the promise made by The Rove Gym. The lightweight equipment comes with a variety of grips to target your upper and lower body muscles.   

Starting at $595       


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