Our eyes love reading from paper more than they do reading from a screen. The Reinkstone R1 combines the easy readability of paper with the smartness of screen. 

Next Gen Tablet

The one thing missing from e readers is colour. You will find all of them in boring, dull monochrome. Not the Reinkstone R1 tablet. 

The next gen tablet has already achieved some big distinctions in its short life. The R1 is the world’s first e reader in colour. It is also the world’s thinnest. Combine the two features and you get an exciting work/play tool. 

The R1 brings a rich 140 colour PPI to its screen. This is the highest among e readers at the moment. You can read all your news articles, magazine articles, and even comics in all their colourful glory.

Easy On The Eye 

Talking about reading, the R1’s standout feature is eye comfort. The tablet reduces strain by adjusting to different light conditions. This gives you the ideal contrast to read, then read some more. 

Whether you are in bright sunlight or sitting next to a night light, the R1’s Natural Low Light Technology gives you the most comfortable read. 

Smart Tablet

The R1 bring with it all the smart features that you can find in e readers and tablets. Making it an ideal tool or work and play. 

The Reinkstone R1 is a Kickstarter project.