Your office desk says a lot about you and your personality. Add a touch of cool to your work with these interesting desk gadgets:

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Six pieces of minimalist design that take care of your entire desk, including munchies. The Modeska is a set that includes cubist-inspired pieces that are compact, cute and ultra practical.

They will hold all your regular stuff: from paper clips to pens to scissors to sticky notes. The icing on the cake is the small bin for your knick-knacks.

$45 on Kickstarter

The Desk Aquarium

This gadget can feel like love at first sight. In terms of practical application, the aquarium does not differ much from others: It will hold just about everything on your desk, including your smartphone.

Where it is different, and much cooler, is that you will have a live aquarium right on your desk. You can either have artificial fishes inside it or even real ones. The soothing sight will definitely perk up your workspace.

$35 on Amazon

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

All work and no play will make you a dull boy. The Fidget Cube is the perfect desk accessory that not only functions as a cool toy, but also gives your fidgety hands something to do in the spare time.

Each side of the cube has something different to play with: Click it like a pen, glide it like a joystick, flip it like a switch, or simply rub it to ease the stress.

$10 on Kickstarter