This innovative product works both as a gyroscope and as a mechanical spin top, and in case you are wondering what either of those are, here is a short explanation: a gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disc that uses the Earth’s gravity to determine orientation and a mechanical spin top is a toy of course that has existed since antiquity and maybe even longer, sometimes they were used for gambling.


Spin is one of the biggest mechanical metal production top, it is made from one piece of aircraft aluminium, and in case you are thinking that aluminium is not that special think again, because this is an alloy of aluminium that is used in making of aircrafts. It is 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, so quite big.


The Spin has been designed very carefully so that every curve is made to look both beautiful and elegant and so that the Spin can rotate indefinitely. The best way to spin it is to use the Kevlar super strong woven string on the shaft and pull it – this results in very high spin rate and that is critical for maintaining a long spinning time. It is so beautifully designed you can even spin it on your finger. There is also the upside-down spin because the head of the Spin is in ball form as well and it can spin for minutes.

When you wrap the Kevlar string to the Generator and spin the Spin it acts as a gyroscope. The Generator is the setting point to set it on a flat surface or hang it from a string, and the weight concentration and the fast spinning rate keep Spin from falling.