We’ve had cameras attached to our phones in order to never miss an important moment of our lives, and to avoid having to carry a heavy camera everywhere. While Beastgrip PRO isn’t exactly the most light-sized device out there, it gets the job done: transforming your smartphone into a complete photography and recording machine it could never become on its own.

One of the main reasons for why phone cameras can’t really shoot professional photographs no matter how many pixels and enhancement technologies they might have is the lens. To keep the size small, phone companies include small sized lens within the build, compromising on quality. Beastgrip PRO allows you to strap your phone to a modular photography and video platform, from where you can go ahead and mount various lens, set it on a tripod or even add a microphone for voice recording.

Beastgrip PRO comes with an ergonomic handle providing a good grip. It also features 1/4″ – 20 mounts for any tripod, monopod or stabiliser, a cold shoe mount for microphone or flash, and a standard 37mm mount for lens and filters. The phone is secured by spring-loaded clamps, making Beastgrip PRO compatible with the majority of smartphones out there.

The rig comes along with various optionals such as wide angle and fisheye lens, DOF adapter, tripod and microphones. The starting price for this product is $165.99.

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