This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Withings, part of Nokia. All opinions are 100% mine.

We wrote about some Withings products earlier, their Withings Steel and Body Cardio. Today, as part of our agreement to get fit in 2017, we’re trying it on for size (get it?) to see if it actually holds up to the test.

For the past year, I’ve been on and off with fitness. Building a routine is easier said than done. Up till now, I’ve tried my luck with a few watches, but mostly still stick with Excel files and lists. I’m hoping this watch, together with scale once I get it, will be the thing to give me better data tracking on my habits, workouts and fitness.
My own experience with smart watches are mixed. I enjoy the upsides of them (data, efficient) but some of the ones I’ve used today take time out of my day – not cool. Smart watches are supposed to help me save time and not add tasks. The main task I’m talking about is charging the battery and making sure they don’t get wet (in California this is a struggle). I’ve gotten so used to these tasks I took it as a granted of being a smart watch owner.
But surprise surprise, here is the new Withings Steel, and they claim the battery will last 8 months without recharging it! Just amazing that you can just leave the watch on your hand and forget about it, like watches are supposed to function. The watch immateriality feel part of you, something that marks you as special.

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When opening the box I was impressed of the quality of everything – the box, the watch and the app on my iPhone 6S Plus phone. The design is elegant and useful, smart and simple all at the same time. The style of the watch 100% fits my lifestyle which is mainly business oriented: meetings or office settings most of the day.

App Connecting

Setup was easy, just downloaded the app from the App Store and followed the steps. This included registering an account on the Withings app and using the provided tool to click the back of the watch.
Something that got my attention is the adjustable dials from the phone. Maneuvering actual things in real life with a phone is very cool feature. When you first setup the phone you have to reset the dials and you can control them with the phone. Those are physical dials not a screen. Digital moving physical = dope.

Withings Steel Watch


The way they design this watch is to streamline health in your lifestyle without forcing you to take many steps to see your progress. We all know that keeping active helps you keep healthy. That activity dial is doing it’s goal and the #1 feature of this watch hands down.


I’m glad my 2017 started with trying this high level of wearable technology. The activity dial will keep reminding me how important it is to stay active no matter what kind of day I’m having. It’s also kind of fun to have a little self-competition to reach that goal every day. It’s funny, after going down the stairs I looked at the watch. It showed how low my activity for the day was, so I went up and down the stairs a few more times just to get 1% more activity and improve my health. Never thought I’d be turn into one of those health nuts!
You can grab one of these via Withings for $149.95 (20% coupon below)
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