Metal case, amazing response time and Cherry MX RGB keys? Add wireless connectivity and a 4000mAh battery and you get the DREVO BladeMaster keyboard. The result of 14 months of intensive research and development, it is designed to be a gaming keyboard, the gadget will accommodate almost any desk.

Superior typing is achieved via the Cherry MX RGB Switches. The switches are available in 4 colorways: red, black, brown and speed silver. The keyboard connects to computers and laptops through a 2.4GHz network, allowing for 1000 Hz and 1ms response time. In the same time, you can switch between the 2.4Ghz connection, bluetooth and USB.

BladeMaster comes in two versions. The BladeMaster Pro is aimed at users who type heavily on a daily basis and require a strong foundation to maintain productivity. On the other hand, the BladeMaster TE responds to entry-level gamers and future enthusiasts, featuring Gateron switches.

The Genius Knob allows programming in various modes, regardless of the game or program it’s being used in. Check out more details about DREVO BladeMaster on Kickstarter ($55).