Such a fancy title, isn’t it? Actually, iSINE 10 earbuds really pack some interesting technology. While they may not be actually fit to compete against high-end headphones such as Sennheiser Orpheus or Audio Technica’s ATH-W5000, these streetwear pieces look and sound fancy. The two main components that set iSINE 10 aside other portable headphones are the planar magnetic drivers and the 24-bit audio Lighting cable.

The system uses 30mm Planar drivers weighing around 20 grams. It is no easy job to diminish the size of planar drivers without compromising on quality. Fluxor magnets push the sound towards these ultra-thin diaphragms. They’re so efficient that the output is almost twice as strong compared to regular neodymium magnets. Also, distortion level is kept at 0.1% even at high volume.

Audeze patenting┬áthe 24-bit lighting cable is the other important piece of the puzzle. Through its design, it transfers 24-bit sound between the audio source and iSINE 10. Called the „CIPHER”, this lighting cable contains an inline amplifier, DAC and DSP. Furthermore, users can fine tune the sound by using Audeze dedicated iOS app.

According to Audeze, iSINE 10 is the smallest planar headphone ever at 20 grams. Audeze worked together with various brands such as BMW and DesignWorks to achieve a great sound and a perfect design. First units will be shipped in November. You can pre-order your pair on Audeze website for $399. Direct sales benefit from a 30-day trial.

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