When you’re living in the world of technology, it can be hard to find solid tech at a fair price. With brands such as Beats and others being as expensive as they are, where do you look? Well if you’re looking for headphones at a fair price, you should really check out these new FRANKLIN headphones.

These Bluetooth¬†headphones take off one of the biggest issues. They obviously don’t have any wires so than the issues with tangling completely vanish. Another big thing with Bluetooth headphones is that the hearing quality is often times less than amazing. that happens to be no issue with the FRANKLIN headphones. While this pair looks quite gorgeous, it also focuses on Audio Perfection according to the manufacturer.

It also boasts several other features that make it a solid investment. They can connect to Bluetooth for up to 33ft. It can easily switch between pause, switch songs and play with buttons that are attached to the headphones. They have a¬†9-hour average battery life AND a built-in microphone for calls. So clearly, this device isn’t just meant for listening to music, they are useful in a myriad of different situations.

But regardless of the need, many people are currently looking for a fair price. Many times headphones like these would cost far too much, but not these gorgeous babies. A pair of these fantastic headphones costs a simple price of 39 dollars. If that isn’t the clincher on how awesome these are, who knows what is.

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