There’s no reason to put up with shaving machines that leave you with ingrown hairs or razor burn. Instead, invest in one of the finest razors for men and say goodbye to sensitive skin after shaving.

Of course, if you’re always irritated, you may need to change your overall strategy: either by completely changing your shaving routine or reconsidering the canonical laws of razor cleanliness. Here are the 10 best razors for men we identified, and their features.


The Most Effective Single-Blade Razor by Supply

The Shark Tank-backed startup’s Single bare-metal blades are loaded immediately into Supply’s elegant metal frame using a clever sliding mechanism. In contrast to the manual-transmission double-blade shave of more traditional razors, think of it as driving automatic. A basic single-blade design still provides a tight, clean shave.


MERKUR Futur Double Edge Safety Razor, Adjustable

The MERKUR Futur is the ultimate razor for men with thick beard and large hands, combining intelligence and beauty in a superbly made design. It’s perfect for broader male hands or those who want their shaving equipment to have some flexibility, the long handle providing a decent grip.


Starter Kit for the Bevel Shave System

The concept driving safety razor’s rebirth is that a single blade won’t give you as close of a shave as a multi-blade razor. It is beneficial for anybody who suffers from ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Shaving too close might make it easier for stubble to get trapped in your skin. The weighted safety razor from Bevel makes the changeover natural and painless.


Venus Gillette

A Moisture-Rich strip gets included in this Gillette disposable razor for a smoother glide on sensitive skin. The razor is a comfortable grip and does not nick the skin. A rotating rounded head razor allows for improved control in difficult-to-reach regions.


Black Jack

The ergonomic precision trimmer from Jack Black has an inset pad grip for additional control and handling – so you don’t nick yourself while shaving.


The Signal Razor of Morris Park

Look at The Art of Shaving if you prefer a sold razor in 10 best razors with interchangeable blades. The well-designed knobs serve as functional and fashionable additions to your bathroom sink.


Baxter of California

You should think about using a safety razor if you haven’t already. A single blade equals minimum annoyance, and Baxter’s looks great on your sink.


D. R. Harris

D R Harris, which has been in business since 1790, is the place to go if you want to invest in an old-school style from an old-school company.


Men’s Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor

The traditional Mach3 is definitely one of the best razors. It contains three blades, which are plenty to give you a close shave.


Shaver Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige

An electric razor that doesn’t pull or hurt your skin, even during the adjustment period. Please, yes! This one is gentle enough to use for both wet and dry shaving, and the cool charging pad can even charge your iPhone.


Shave following the grain of the hair at all times. Ingrown hairs get the tapered ends of freshly shaven hair poking back into the skin. When shaving, avoid straining the skin tight. After shaving, a sprinkle of cold water decreases the risk of skin irritation.

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