Cooking is the ultimate art! Why? Fortunately, because it’s the single activity that provides food. We all love food. Whether it’s sushi, mexican or chinese, food is the universal catalyst between people. I personally don’t talk to much during meals since I’m way too busy munching out my dish. However, I also enjoy watching food being done. Mixing the ingredients together takes skill, but it also takes quality tools.

Skid wooden chef knife brings a stylish alternative to regular kitchen cutting tools. Each knife is consisting of ┬ásingle piece Robina wood. This particular species is known for its antibacterial and self cleaning properties. The 7.5 inch blade is constructed from the highest quality carbon steel. We don’t know the process by which the blade is encapsulated into the wooden handle.

However it is done, the result is a beautifully crafted tool. Each knife is getting a manual finishing touch, ensuring it will last a lifetime. You don’t have to put this one in the dishwasher. According to Skid, rinsing is enough to make it clean again. Also, make sure you are using just water and nothing else.

Get your own wooden knife on Kickstarter for about $10. Skid Wooden Chef knife is available in two colorways: black and brown.