Amidst the new wave of technologies, there are many names that fight for your attention. But even with so many choices available, there are specific names that are just much more well known in the field of technology.  Aa s result, people often times expect much more quality from the big names.

Sony is a name that has been at the forefront of technology for some time, and each new product is an improvement in the field. This time around they’ve created a set of folding, noise-canceling headphones! While neither of these aspects is considered new technology, you can be sure that the high-quality you expect from the brand will absolutely be there.

This particular set of headphones focuses on bringing out the clarity of the bass in your music. It can be hard to create such an effect, but with  Sony’s technology at their hands, they created a way to zero in the bass with a simple push of a button on one of the headphones.