I’ll state right out that a photographer’s job is not easy. There is more hiding behind any successful photo than just pointing the lens and clicking. Like any art, photography is taking its toll in terms of catching the right moment and having the right setup. However, setting up everything (hardware and software) for the perfect shot takes a whole lot of time. No doubt it’s worth it, but Arsenal AI promises to make it easier.

A Siri for my DSLR?

Kind’of. While it won’t directly answer to your commands, it will definitely take them on and execute. Arsenal is using a deep learning system that analyzed thousands of high quality photos. Using this previous „experience” it is able to automatically adjust exposure, contrast, and other 16 factors to get that great shot.

Of course, you can intervene at any time and manually adjust any setting according to your better judgement.

It Works Solo

Arsenal is capable of working without constant aid from the photographer. This is a great scenario for taking long exposure photos. Arsenal can be set up from the phone, and then it will automatically work on long exposure or time lapse pieces.

You can connect Arsenal to most Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Get it on IndieGoGo for $175.