If you’re not particularly talented or anxious about hanging your work on walls, there is a robot to do it for you. Joto is basically a connected machine that will draw on demand. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to ask him nicely. Instead, Joto will turn any writing or drawing from your smartphone into an actual pen drawing. And you can take it and hang it in your living room.

Indeed, there’s probably a live screen somewhere that can instantly display data from your phone. However, there is something simply mesmerizing about watching someone (or something) draw. That’s where the interesting part of Joto lies.

Joto comes with a dock and an eraser. This way, the pen won’t dry and you will be able to refresh the drawing as many times as you want. Funny, you may even use Joto as a sticky-note. Forgot to tell your girlfriend about the movie and you already left home? Just get your phone and ask Joto to write a reminder. She’ll see it when she gets home. Calling or texting is so overrated.

The dedicated Joto app is providing the ability to share and acquire drawings from other users. Select works from your favorite artists and hang them on the wall, switching between them each week. You can support Joto on Kickstarter and get your own for $265.



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